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This American Life

The Moth Radio Hour

Frontline Dispatch

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"Whenever I need... something...some vibe, some mood, some way of holding a thought in music, I turn to Stellwagen Symphonette. They've given us scoring for The Moth Radio Hour, for our video projects, and for our radio documentary work -- ranging from prison reform, to war correspondence, to a walk across America. I've yet to find something they can't do."

Jay Allison

Atlantic Public Media/Transom/The Moth

"Finding music for 'This American Life' is hard. We need music that is organic and alive and full of the musicality and emotion of your favorite songs. But it also can’t say too much. It can’t tell you how to feel. Stellwagen Symphonette have written and recorded dozens of songs for us that do exactly what we need. Their music gives our stories momentum and a mood without stepping on the work itself. And they work fast. I’m constantly surprised by how quickly they can turn around scoring music." 

Jonathan Menjivar

This American Life

"No matter the story, the Stellwagen crew seems always able to create the perfect music.  That would be enough, but they are also fast, responsive, and a joy to work with."

Sophie McKibben

Pushkin Industries

“The music Stellwagen Symphonette created brought our interactive documentary project to the next level. They were attentive collaborators, experienced in a variety of storytelling forms, and interpreted abstract ideas and requests with enthusiasm and such care. They are true masters of their craft -- and also magicians, as far as I'm concerned.”

Michelle Mizner